Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers FAQs

I have a small room for the Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers, is this a problem?

Each setup is approximately 4 feet wide by 75 inches long. It is the client’s responsibility to leave enough space for a walkway and safe sleep. We can work with your space, as we have different layouts for setting up the tents. If you are very limited, please give us a call and we can assess the situation via pictures of the space, and measurements.

What are the different themes and packages available with Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers?

We do have different themes and packages available. Check out a few here – https://whimsicaloccasions.com/packages-themes/

Do you have themes just for boys and/or just for girls?

We do have themes that are more oriented toward boys and some more oriented toward girls. We also have themes that are unisex. Please view our gallery for theme options to decide which one is best for your party and your guests.

When should I book my Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers?

As soon as you know the date of your party (we recommend booking 2 months in advance as our weekends fill out very quickly) please book on our website or give us a call to ensure that you secure your favorite theme, as well as your preferred date. A 50% deposit (plus a $75 security deposit) will be required at booking to ensure that your date and theme are secured. The balance due is to be paid in full no later than 7 days prior to the sleepover date. If you change the date of the booking, a minimum of 7-day notice must be given. If an event is canceled for any reason we will be glad to offer the next available date that works for you up to one year’s time. Your request can then be granted only if the preferred date is available. In the act of god, pandemic, or other catastrophic events we will offer you the ability to reschedule your event within one year’s time.

Do I need to wash the bed linens before collection?

No, we will take care of cleaning the bed linens.

Are the linens washed after every use?

Yes! Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers washes all linens (we use an unscented, allergy-free detergent), as well as tent covers and cushions, and pillows after each party. Each accessory is also thoroughly disinfected.

All our bed linens are machine washed after every sleepover experience. All other fabrics (e.g. tent covers) are treated with a safe, natural, non-toxic, antibacterial solution.

Are sleeping pillows provided?

No, for hygiene reasons, children must bring their own sleeping pillows.

Are Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers available outside of Metro Detroit Michigan?

Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers is currently servicing the Metro Detroit Michigan area only and offer free delivery within 10 miles of our address.

What is the cost of a Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers package?

We offer a standard party package. This includes 4 x sleepover tents, 4 mattresses and mattress covers and a sheet, 4 breakfast trays, LED light garlands, 4 lanterns, a throw blanket, and all the other matching decorations depending on the theme chosen. Prices start at $395. Additional tents may be added to your party package at a cost of $60 per tent.

We also have amazing add-ons for rental or purchase.  Please make sure to visit our out add on your little extras page to check them out.

Are delivery and setup included in the standard Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers package?

Yes, our team will deliver free within 10 miles of our address. $50 extra for delivery 11-20 or $100 extra for delivery 21-30 miles outside of the delivery zone. Setup, styling, breakdown, collection laundering, and cleaning of all rental items are included.

For a standard party package including 4 tents – please allow a minimum of 1.5-2 hours for party setups, and approximately an hour for pack up (before 2:00 pm the next day). If you have additional tents booked, please allow an extra 15 minutes per tent.

Customers should be aware that there may be additional charges for travel time, gas mileage, and/or if the party is extra-large in size, as it will require more time to set up and pack down. Please contact us for details.

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes. We do require a security deposit for Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers packages to cover the cost of damaged, lost, and/or broken items that are included in your booked package. The amount of security deposit is $75 for the standard Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers package but will increase if additional tents and/or add-ons are rented. If the elements of the party package are returned intact (no damages), the security deposit will be returned within 48-72 hours.

How many children do the Whimsical Occasions Sleepovers packages cover?

Anywhere from 2-8 children.

What if the sleepover party is for more than 4 children? Can I add more tents?

Yes, you can. Just add additional tents while booking ($60 per tent).

What are your prices?

$275 for 2 tents, $300 for 3 tents, $395 for 4 tents + $60 for any additional tents.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking to secure your party date and theme.

What hours are you available for drop off and set up?

We need to complete delivery and set up no later than 90 minutes before the party begins. We will set down and collect the package the following day – this needs to be completed before 2:00 p.m.

What are my payment options?

Payment methods accepted are cash, check, or Venmo. If you would like to pay with a credit card or online bank transfer let us know and we can send over an invoice with PayPal. Please note that this type of payment will include a 0.05% service fee.

Do you stay and host the party?

We don’t stay and host the party, but we ensure everything is set up just as you need it.

How long is the hire period for the tent package?

Our standard package is for a one-night rental. Each additional night is $25 per tent/per night.

Can the tents be set up outside?

Our tents are indoor only tents.

Will you need access to power?

Yes, some of our tent lights require power. However, most of our decor uses batteries.

How do I book a sleepover party package?

Please book your party online here

Are there any other rules I should be aware of?

Please make sure that children do not use slime (it stains fabric), glow sticks (they can leak), nail polish, lipstick, makeup, markers, paint, colored drinks, and food, in and around the tents.

If any of the materials need to be replaced, you will be held responsible for any replacement costs, and your security deposit retained. Thank you for your cooperation.

Can the children eat and/or drink in their tents?

Yes, they can! The children can use the trays for water bottles and snacks. They can also eat their breakfast using their tray. However, please ensure that all food and drinks in the tent area will not cause staining or damage to the linens. If anything needs to be replaced, you will be liable to pay the replacement costs.

I don’t know what games or activities I can do with the children during the party, any fun ideas?

We do!!!  Please check our add on your little extras page for fun games and activities, including crafts and movie projector rental. 

Do you have a list of preferred vendors for food and cakes?

We do have a list of vendors in the Metro Detroit area that we could recommend.

Are there any other terms or policies?